Slowly more and more businesses are selling reusable mugs and offering discounts to customers who use these products. It may seem like a simple marketing tool to promote your brand, but there are many reasons why reusable mugs are superior to disposable coffee cups.Disposable Corporate Coffee Cups

Americans alone consume about 146 billion cups of coffee per year, and 25 billion of those are served in disposable coffee cups. Disposable cups require large amounts of resources to produce, including large amounts of wood or petroleum, energy and water. They also cannot be recycled and end up in landfill, where Styrofoam cups won’t decompose for 500 years!

Promotional Eco Coffee Cups

Reusable mugs however save the company money on disposable cups, break even with energy production after just 24 uses and are ideal for promoting your brand! Our range of reusable mugs is varied, with anything from the Promotional Eco Coffee Cup to the Personalised Double Layer Mugs. They have a large space for branding, and come in a variety of colours to entice and appeal to your coffee drinking audience.

Personalised Double Layer Mugs