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Best Selling Mugs So Far in 2021

Monday, 10 May 2021 11:01:22 AM Australia/Sydney

Mugs are a great way to get ahead of the marketing curve in Autumn. We stock a variety of mugs that will help your brand get the boot. Here are our best-selling Autumn mugs for 2021.

 Promotional Travel Mug Ceramic

350ml Ceramic to Go Mugs

People are always on the move, so why not get some mugs that can come along with you. These 350ml ceramic to go mugs are perfect for every businessperson. They feature an insulated wall for temperature regulation and grooves for easy handling. They also make for great gifts for clients, staff, friends, or family. These mugs are a crowd hit with everyone so get them emblazoned today for endless mobile promotion!

Tinted Glass Mugs with Logo Printing

Catch onlooker attention with these trendy tinted glass mugs with logo printing. These are great for eateries and beverage establishments. The tinted glass adds a nice touch to the product, showcasing its high quality. These mugs come in a variety of different colours so make sure you pick one that contrasts well with your brand. Grab this m...

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Best Branded Mugs for Rainy Days

Wednesday, 21 April 2021 11:30:45 AM Australia/Sydney

Everybody loves to curl up around a hot cup of tea or coffee when it is raining. Take this opportunity to get some custom branded mugs and gift them to your employees, clients, friends, and family during wet weather. Here are great mug gifting options.

The Roma Corporate Mug

If you are a working professional, then this Roma corporate mug is the perfect pick for you. This personalised mug oozes with style and flair, making it great for a sophisticated working environment. It supports a capacity of 280ml and features a sleek handle and body. It comes in a variety of colours, so be sure to pick a combo that makes your brand shine. It would be great to get everyone in the office using the same mug to bolster your corporate image and brand.

Cappuccino Mug with Saucer

For those that are coffee fanatics, this cappuccino mug with saucer combo will make you love drinking coffee every morning. The mug and saucer are made from high-quality porcelain that comes in a pure white colour. The cup is also ...

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Best Autumn Themed Mugs for 2021

Tuesday, 2 March 2021 11:16:11 AM Australia/Sydney

As the autumn wind picks up, it is nice to curl around a warm cup of tea or coffee. But you are going to need the right mug to enjoy your beverage. Here are our favourite picks for autumn-themed mugs in 2021.

Promotional Mugs for Autumn

Vienna Logo Mugs

Marketing is best done through visual depiction. This is exactly what these Vienna logo mugs are designed to do. You can enjoy your drink whilst knowing that your brand is visible to everyone around you. These 270ml ceramic mugs are a topic choice and a popular gift among clients, staff, friends, and family. It is a great autumn-themed mug and one that is guaranteed to raise your brand awareness this year!

Metal Cup and Saucer Gift Set

Do something nice this autumn and gift this metal cup and saucer set. This is a perfect present for those working in the office. Everyone can use a quick cup of coffee to keep them going so why not do it in style with this excellent mug. It is designed for espressos although suits other beverages. It features a double-walled stainless-s...

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How Are Personalised Mugs Printed?

Friday, 29 January 2021 12:25:44 PM Australia/Sydney

We drink out of promotional mugs every day, but have you ever considered how these mugs are customised? We offer a variety of printed mugs so why not learn about the process behind it all. Here are the methods we use to personalise your promotional mugs.

 Large Coffee Cup With Custom Branding

Dye Sublimation for Full Colour

This dye sublimation method is an optimal technique used to personalise printed mugs. It offers a near-perfect result with very vibrant colours. Dye sublimation uses organic colour dyes as well as heat transfer to imbue your brand or logo onto the surface of the mug or cup. This provides accurate colour reproduction and ensures your design is durable. Additionally, dye sublimation features a glossy finish and is even environmentally friendly!

Single Colour Print

Single colour pad printing a traditional method used in the promotional industry. It is featured on various items because it is so easy to put on. It involves a printing plate that has ink applied to it. Then, through heat pressure, this ink is sque...

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