If you’ve ever wondered how our photographic print mugs retain their high resolution and full-colour display, here’s our answer – sublimation printing! To ensure transparency in how we customise our products, here is a short summary of how sublimation printing works and the best advantages you can get for your brand.

Full Colour Printed Mugs

How Does Full Colour Decoration Work?

Sublimation printing revolutionises decoration by skipping the traditional step of printing that uses liquid to mark a surface. Instead, sublimation printing works by utilising a chemical reaction, such as applying high heat, to rapidly change a solid-state ink into a gaseous print that attaches to the surface of the item. Due to the heat, logos can be instantly printed on a variety of products with guaranteed quality.

Benefits of this Process

Here’s a list of the reasons why this is the best method of printing:

  • Compared to other methods of printing, sublimation printing is most effective on hard surfaces, like our mugs
  • By using solid-state ink, this unique method is also better for the environment
  • Sublimation printing has the ability to exactly recreate every detail of your logo or brand
  • It is extremely pleasing to the eye when you enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee!

The Impact of Durability and Full Colour

A big issue with printing on mugs is the fact that regular methods tend to wear off over time. But with sublimation printing, branding merges with the surface of the item rather than being a layer on top of it. This is how full colour remains on the mug even when regularly used. No need to worry about your logo being tarnished with sublimation printing.