My partner's favourite thing in this world is Harry Potter. She has read every book countless times and listens to the audiobook when she is having a bad day. Because of this, her morning ritual has changed ever since she received a magic can mug. She will pour her morning coffee and whisper to herself "I solemnly swear I am up to no good" as the Maurader's Map is revealed to her (I have caught this a few times when she didn't know I was there, it's adorable). It's not often that you can call a mug 'magical'.

Promotional changing mug

Personalised Mugs With Changing Designs

If you were a kid like me, you loved mood rings. The concept is simple but fun, the colour of the ring changes based on what mood you are feeling, or so the story goes. However, it didn't take long to figure out that the rings colour actually changes based on temperature. This temperature changing paint is known as Thermochromic Paint.

Promotional Change Mug Black

Taking this idea of the colour changing based on heat, the Magic Can Mug was born. We print whatever image you want to be revealed, and then cover the mug in a thermochromic paint that becomes transparent when warmed by a cup of tea or coffee! The idea is that simple. However, the results are without a doubt; magic.

 Change Mug After

Having a boost of energy in the day in the day from not only your morning brew, but from the mug itself is invaluable, but being able to give this joy to your employees with a fun memory from the Christmas party, is just the boost to morale that can make your workmates feel like a family.


Do yourself a favour and get these mugs for your team today, and hell, why stop there? Your clients would love this too!