Drinking a steaming hot of coffee is probably a morning ritual for most Australians. In all likelihood, you might have wondered at least once in your lifetime, why coffee mugs are round or to be more precise, cylindrical in shape.

If you ask experts, they would say the cylindrical shape is the most economical of all shapes as it can hold the most volume at the least surface area. From a business stand point, the present mug shape is cost-efficient to mass produce, which is probably why it is the preferred design. Keep in mind that there are other mug shapes available like a heart or square but they are usually custom made.

You have to also remember that in the old days, things like coconut husks, leaves or shells were used to hold liquids. Obviously, they are not stable in shape and would most likely spill. The good news is there are plenty of design variations for the cylindrical mugs and cups. Of course, customising them with a logo or artwork makes them even more special and unique.