The next time you're organising an outdoor event, whether a party, a BBQ, a concert or a sporting event, you may want to rethink disposable cups. They're certainly convenient, and while we can supply them, they're bought in bulk quantities of 5000 units and more. Not only are they unsuitable for smaller scale events, more importantly they're flimsy, disposable, forgettable, and leave behind plenty of trash. 

disposable cups

The alternative is a reusable cup. Just like reusable carry cups are intended to cut down on waste, and provide a handy and memorable product that will get plenty of use, reusable plastic stadium cups, are a great way to avoid the problems of disposable plastic cups. 

stadium cup

Available for smaller quantities than mass manufacturered disposable cups, which not only winds up cheaper for you, the customers, these are useful reusable cups that can be branded with your logo. Not only can be they be used at an event, but they can also be brought home as a souvenir or for future usage. 


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