We all have a favourite mug at home. Mine is a basic ceramic mug from a Mad Hatter themed sixteenth birthday party I attended in my youth that is personalised still with my name written in Sharpie and baked on it all these years later. I love this thing, and I still feel a little strange when someone else in the house uses it.

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Well according to a survey by Heinz, 60% of us have an emotional attachment to our favourite mugs, with almost 40% of people saying that their favourite mug is irreplaceable and a further third of people said that they would be distressed if it were to break. But, why?

A Mug in the Hand is Worth Two in the Cupboard

Studies have repeatedly shown that we value things that we already own far more than new things, especially when they are linked with well-kept memories of people, places or times in our lives that we hold dear. This is known as the Endowment Effect, and it plays a major role in our lives, and more specifically in what we hold as valuable.

When mugs are given as a gift or a keepsake, people will link this event with the mugs themselves, and more value is placed on the mug itself. Having the ability to custom print your brand on these mugs is a really powerful way to link your company to the memories and joy of the event in which you are gifting the mugs.  

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Personalised Mugs Show Who I am

Another theory as to why you have chosen your favourite mug is that it shows a part of your identity. If you’re a funny person, maybe a slogan resonates better with you, if like me you are a massive nerd, maybe a mug in the shape of a D20 suits. Just like clothing, and hairstyle, and even tattoos; your choice in the products that you regularly use in some way is a reflection of your personality.

Custom Make Your Ritual

So you have chosen your favourite shape and design, maybe it’s the snug mug; who knows? You wake up in the morning and have that solemn, solitary ritual of making a coffee, the elixir of the energy gods and perk yourself up, ready to take on the day. At this point, you have started linking physical sensations to the mug itself, and it becomes part of your self-care ritual. Taste and smell are our most powerful senses when it comes to memory creation, so this simple act quickly makes your promotional mugs part of making people feel good every single day

The humble promotional mug can be one of the most powerful tools in linking your brand with good memories, so have a look at our wide range of custom printed mugs, and start making memories of your own.


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