Choosing a Promotional Mug for Your Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

Did you know that in 2023, 75% of Australian adults drink at least a cup of coffee every day, with 28% drinking at least three cups per day? Plus, 27% of Aussies say that can’t go through their day without their favorite cup of coffee.  So naturally, all that demand coffee needs a mug. If you go into any office, you can almost always spot mugs all over desks: with logos of local sports teams, catchy quotes, or jokes.  

Mugs are such a staple that they can be one of the most reliable promotional products out there. Promotional mugs are easy to produce and can easily but effectively spread your business’ brand awareness. But how do you pick the best promotional mug for your company? Here’s a quick guide to help you choose. 

Target Audience

Before drawing up the design for your promotional mug, it’s essential to first think about your target audience. The key advantage of a promotional mug is it's used by generally everyone. Lots of people drink some type of beverage during their daily life, so a promotional mug’s simplicity means you can tailor its design to fit any type of audience or demographic. 

Generally, your target audience is divided into three categories: new customers, existing customers, and staff of your business. You can choose which one of these audiences is going to be the main target of your promotional mug’s design.

For your staff, simple mugs with your brand’s logo or name can be enough. Meanwhile, if you want to attract new customers to your business, you should opt for a more unique and eye-catching design that they can’t find elsewhere. 

Your Type of Business 

Another important factor is the type of business you have and how you can display that business in your promotional mugs. Standard coffee mugs are generally found in offices, but there are other ways you can differentiate yourself from other businesses. Picking a stylish design can attract attention to your brand. 

If you’re a dynamic company, like a travel company or a sports equipment brand, it’s best to offer a promotional mug that reflects that kind of business, like travel mugs Meanwhile, if you’re a start-up company that is promoting new ideas, premium engraved steel mugs are one unique way of catering to your consumers. 


If you have a modest budget, this shouldn’t deter you from promotional mugs. There are plenty of high-quality but budget-friendly mugs, so if you’re a small business or a have a limited budget, you can still offer promotional mugs to advertise your company. 


People nowadays are always on the go. Some individuals don’t have the time to actually sit down for meals. That being said, promotional portable travel mugs are perfect for these consumers. Promotional metal mugs are great since it lasts for a long time and is durable, great for people who are always out and about. 


Promotional mugs can last for a long time before they start to show any wear and tear. You probably own a mug from decades ago that you still use today. So if you put a high-quality and long-lasting print of your brand’s logo or tagline on a mug and distribute it, that is a long-term marketing strategy. 


Some people aren’t interested in another boring standard mug that they can find anywhere. Some customers want unique and cool-looking coffee mugs that they would be genuinely excited to receive as a gift. So, picking one that is practical but also unique is best. 

Final Thoughts

Promotional mugs are still one of the simplest but most effective promotional products in the market. These mugs provide a consistent way to get your brand’s message across a wide audience, attract potential new customers, and keep your existing ones. There is a wide selection of promotional mugs in the market so you’re sure to find the perfect one to advertise your business. Pick a durable, portable, colorful mug that best describes your business brand. 

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