Autumn and Winter Personalised Mug Picks

Autumn and winter just call for drinking coffee and tea out of a nice mug. Take this opportunity to personalise your mugs and spread them out to your clients, employees, family and friends. Everyone can benefit from using a novel cup and this is a great way to raise brand awareness. Here are our three favourite mugs for the autumn and winter seasons.

Branded Colonial Ceramic Mug

When you think of a mug, this is the classical style that comes to mind. This cup is perfect for the home or the office and has ample room for branding. With its 350ml capacity, this mug will be loved by all. Imagine your unique brand and logo featured on this mug, literally in the hands of your clients or employees every day. This mug can be branded fast in full-colour print to ensure visibility and comes in a wide range of colours to attract attention.

Logo Emblazoned Mugs with Spoons

Have you ever missed a spoon to stir your coffee or tea, or even some soup? Well, this mug is coupled with a spoon to make sure that never happens again. This promotional mug takes the traditional approach and turns it on its head by incorporating a spoon and slotting it into the handle. This makes for easy carrying and portability, whilst offering a novel product that will turn heads. Just imagine the conversations people will have when they see this unique item. Capitalise on this chatter by adding your custom logo to the mug. Ensure your brand leaves an everlasting impression!

Glass Reusable Promo Cups Hard Lids

For mobile workers, a portable cup is essential. Taking your coffee on the go is the new norm but there is no need to continue to consume one-use cups. These hard lid glass cups will stand out in the crowd with their bright colours and take a positive stance for the environment. With a 345ml capacity and borosilicate glass, this is the premium coffee mug. It also comes with a silicone sleeve to ensure that it doesn’t feel too hot or slip out of your hands. For those of you starting to go back to the office, this cup is a must.

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