Best Branded Mugs for Rainy Days

Everybody loves to curl up around a hot cup of tea or coffee when it is raining. Take this opportunity to get some custom branded mugs and gift them to your employees, clients, friends, and family during wet weather. Here are great mug gifting options.

The Roma Corporate Mug

If you are a working professional, then this Roma corporate mug is the perfect pick for you. This personalised mug oozes with style and flair, making it great for a sophisticated working environment. It supports a capacity of 280ml and features a sleek handle and body. It comes in a variety of colours, so be sure to pick a combo that makes your brand shine. It would be great to get everyone in the office using the same mug to bolster your corporate image and brand.

Cappuccino Mug with Saucer

For those that are coffee fanatics, this cappuccino mug with saucer combo will make you love drinking coffee every morning. The mug and saucer are made from high-quality porcelain that comes in a pure white colour. The cup is also double glazed to ensure durability and coupled with a glossy finish to resist chipping. This mug will certainly stand out on the table. Moreover, if you get it emblazoned with your unique brand or logo, everyone will remember your name.

Custom Curved Stainless-Steel Mugs

These high-quality stainless-steel custom curved mugs our Autumn favourite. With a double-walled design to maintain heat, this is the optimum way to drink your coffee or tea. The mug comes in a great curved shape for easy handling and holds a comfortable 300ml of liquid. The mugs can also be easily decorated through laser engraving providing you with a unique and stylish display. This is a fantastic product and one that will greatly benefit your marketing campaign in Autumn!

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