Caring for Personalised Mugs

Personalised mugs are premium products that require careful care. Treat your mugs with the same care that you would treat your brand. Here are some guidelines for caring for personalised mugs.

Hand Washing

It is important that you hand wash your personalised mugs. Certain methods of decoration will become damaged after dishwasher use. For your brand to continue to look its best make sure that you only hand wash your personalised mugs.

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Gentle Cloth Cleaning

After hand washing your cup, make sure you use a gentle cloth for cleaning. Using a hard scrub cloth or brush may damage the decoration of your brand or logo. Consider cleaning as polishing rather than scrubbing to ensure your brand looks its best.

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Avoid Soaking Mugs

Certain types of mug material may be damaged after long hours of soaking. This can damage its build as well as your imprinted brand or logo. Try to clean your mugs regularly after use to ensure the highest quality.

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