Custom Cups and Tumblers for Summer

The first thing that comes to mind whenever mugs are mentioned is a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the cool winter months. What would you say if we were to tell you that cups and mugs can be used not just in winter, but all year round? We have promotional cups and mugs that are good for summer gifts, not just for the colder months. This eliminates the stress of getting offseason gifts. Stop worrying about what to buy for your summer campaigns and instead invest in custom decorated tumblers and cups from Planet Mugs.

Buy Bulk Promotional Travel Mugs

These come in absolutely beautiful packaging. We provide only smooth and perfectly finished mugs that are embedded with your selected logo or design. In summer, people tend to take road trips, go for picnics or simply enjoy their dinners outdoors. Our promotional travel mugs are beautiful and classy. Timeless as well as aesthetically pleasing, they are suitable for everyone. Here is what we can offer you;

Branded Cups for Australia Day

Australia Day is one of the more memorable dates on the Aussie calendar. This is when families and corporate organisations connect to celebrate elements of our shared past and future. We have the perfect cups and tumblers for group use on this auspicious occasion. You can select from our;

Be Unique With the Branded Thermal Cups

Did you know, thermal cups are not just a winter special? They can be used all year round to keep drinks cool as well as warm. We will provide them branded and decorated just for your next event.

  • Atlantico Corporate Steel Mug; They are suitable for families with coffee brewers or coffee shops looking to continue making big marketing bucks throughout the year.

  • Beaker Promotional Thermal Mugs; Available in stainless steel, silver, they are just the perfect gift to add some sparkle when drinking a hot beverage in your car.
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