Healthy, Fun Drinks for Your Promotional Mugs

Tired of the same tea and coffee? Why not spice up your office or event drink routine with some great new drinks that pair perfectly with your new promotional mugs and cups. Try something new this winter when you hand out your drinkware from Planet Mugs and get into these recipes!

Minty Matcha Latte

Pairs Perfectly With: Belle Printed Porcelain Mugs
What You'll Need: 1-2tsps matcha, hot water and warmed milk (dairy or non-dairy), peppermint oil, honey to taste
Make It Happen: Add matcha and hot water in a bowl, whisk appropriately until combined. Warm and froth your milk then add the matcha mixture to the frothed milk along with 1-2 drops of peppermint oil and honey to taste. Mix and serve in your favourite promotional porcelain mug for a new twist on the same old matcha!

Relaxing Chamomile Latte

Pairs Perfectly With: Elegant Boden Personalised Coffee Cup
What You'll Need: 1-2 chamomile tea bags, warmed milk (dairy or non-dairy), honey to taste.
Make It Happen: Steep your camomile tea for 5-6 minutes, mix 1-2 tsp of honey in with a quarter cup of milk. Froth the milk and add to the top of your steeped hot tea in a stylish custom mug to create a soothing new take on a traditional fave. A great way to help the team at the office relax during a cold and stressful work day!

Non-Dairy Wild Rice Green Tea

Pairs Perfectly With: Bounty Promotional Mug
What You'll Need: 1-2tsps Japanese Sencha, 1 tsp of Toasted Wild Rice, tea infuser
Make It Happen: Lightly toast your wild rice over heat if purchased raw. Add the sencha and wild rice to your tea infuser (less or more than listed depending on infuser size and taste requirements). Boil hot water, add to the personalised cup holding your filled infuser. Leave to steep for around 4 minutes. Remove the infuser, and you're good to go with a nice green tea with rich, beautiful rice flavours.


Short of mugs to serve your tasty new drinks in, or perhaps you're just in need of an upgrade that also showcases your brand. Contact the friendly Planet Mugs sales team for product suggestions, pricing, and further information.

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