Perfect Promotional Mugs for Hot Weather

With hot weather approaching, you need a mug that you can easily handle. Take this opportunity to find easy promotion whilst offering your customers a useful product. Here are three perfect promotional mugs for hot weather.

Full Colour Curl Mugs

This full-colour curl mug is ideal for having a nice cool drink in the summertime. These appealing mugs have a 400ml capacity and come in either white or black colours. They feature a huge surface area to imprint your unique logo or brand name on. Moreover, the mugs sharp colours and design will instantly garner your brand name attention. This is ideal for office or at-home settings, or even as giveaways at trade shows and corporate events. We utilise a dye sublimation process to achieve full-colour branding. Beat the summer heat with this fantastic mug!

Handle Inner Trim Mugs

If you are concerned when it comes to holding a hot drink, nothing beats these handle inner trim mugs. No one wants a cup that will heat up their hands, like a metal mug, instead, this uniquely designed cup is used to disperse heat so that you can enjoy your beverage. People will continue to drink hot drinks during hot weather so why not get a mug that is adaptable and useful. This mug has a 350ml capacity and comes with a glossy finish to prevent staining. Get this imprinted with your logo today and watch your brand shine.

Customised Stainless-Steel Thermal Mug

For those on the move out in the hot sun, this customised stainless-steel thermal mug is guaranteed to keep your cold drinks cool. This mug has a 300ml capacity and can be used to travel in style. Moreover, this mug has a sleek silicone sleeve for easy gripping and actually acts as a buffer for hotter beverages. It also serves as a great spot for your unique brand or logo. This mug is dishwasher safe and can even be laser engraved to really have your brand pop. Combat the hot weather this summer with this fantastic product.

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