The Do's and Don'ts of Using Ceramic Mugs

You usually see ceramic mugs at home to hold hot or cold drinks. Although they can still break or get damaged. There are right and wrong ways for it to last a long time.

The Do's of Using Ceramic Mugs

  • Handwashing over Diswashing - Yes, ceramic mugs are dishwasher safe, but handwashing is gentler. You get to properly clean it. The least that it can get broken.
  • Use Mild Detergents - Opting for softer detergents can protect the glaze of ceramic mugs. It also avoids scratches aside from cleanliness.
  • Gentle Handling - As much as the handle tries to serve its purpose, better hold the mug’s body. The mug’s body is safer to hold while carrying it with you.
  • Use Mug Hooks or Dividers - Stacking mugs is a big NO. To protect them from breaking, secure them in stable hooks and dividers.

The Don'ts of Using Ceramic Mugs

  • Avoid Scratchy Pads - Steel wool or these harmful pads can hurt your mug. Instead, keep your cups clean with soft sponges or clothes. 
  • No Microwaving or Baking  Your mugs may not handle too much heat. Heat your drinks using kettles instead. Stovetops are an option, too.
  • Avoid Super Hot or Super Cold Pouring - A high temperature of hot or cold leads to cracks. Worst case scenario, it might break! Warm up your water a bit before pouring.

Whether you use it at home, work, or as a promotional ceramic mug, these tips can help your mug last longer. Your ceramic mugs can be both convenient and of good quality.

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