Top 3 Promotional Travel Mugs

As people start to venture outside into the relaxing Spring weather, it is necessary that they take a beverage with them on their journey. Consider gifting your customers, clients, staff, friends, and family a useful travelling mug. Here are our three favourite picks for promotional travel mugs.

Flipper Lid Clear Plastic Mugs

These stylish mugs are great for any form of travelling. They feature a sturdy heat-resistant silicone lid and a colourful design. It is guaranteed to keep your beverages at the right temperature as you go on about your day. Most importantly it is see-through so that you can see what you are drinking. With a 350ml capacity, these reusable coffee cups will be your number one choice for any occasion. The mug is also made from ABS food-grade plastic, is BPA free and recyclable. Consider mixing and matching colours to attain the best contrast for your brand.

500ml Promotional Travel Flasks

For a larger style beverage holder, check out these 500ml travel flasks. These thermodynamically insulated mugs are the perfect choice for keeping your tea and coffee warm for long hours. The mug has a food-grade silicone seal and even a tea strainer. This makes for the perfect gift for busy individuals and those who are constantly on the move. Additionally, customising this product with your unique brand or logo will be sure to have your name remembered. Trust us, this futuristic flask is going to take your brand to new heights!

Trendy Custom Reusable Cups

Take a look at this traditional coffee cup option. A stainless-steel mug is ideal for marketing and promotional campaigns. No one can deny that this is a staple in the industry and one that is valued by all patrons. People love useful giveaway items and this cup will definitely satisfy them. This cup features a 350ml capacity as well as a double-wall construction to ensure that your drinks retain their heat. The cup also has a food-grade polypropylene inner wall for your safety as well as a splash-proof screw-on lid. Engrave this cup today and have your logo shine.

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