Top 5 reasons Why Your Business Needs The Travel Mug

You go to work, you get a coffee, you take a break and have tea… then before you know it, it’s the weekend and you want to go for a bush walk or stroll along the beautiful Australian Beaches, it’s a coffee kind of day. If you buy hot beverages on a daily basis then you will be sure that so too will your business colleagues or potential clients. The perfect item to promote your business will be the travel mug, and here’s why.

  • Reduce Waste - One of the big reasons why people buy travel mugs is so that they can reduce their carbon footprint and what a better way to promote your business than showing that you care for the environment and the future!
  • Hot drinks stay hot - The travel mug is essentially a thermal flask with enough space for a hot beverage for one, which is perfect for when you are on the go and like to sip your tea/coffee at ease.
  • Large Branding Area - As with the any item, the bigger it is, the bigger the branding area. In this case you have lots of room to get your brand noticed with either a single colour print or full colour print. The choice is yours!
  • It’s a useful item - Think of events or roadshows that you haven’t even looked at the freebies because you know that it would stay in your top drawer and never be looked at. With the travel flask you will have no such problem. This will be used for years to come and be constantly promoting your business.
  • Be rewarded - Many cafes throughout Sydney offer discounts or money off every purchase if you bring your own cup. What’s not to like about this?

 If you were stuck for ideas on which travel mug to go for, have a look at these options, such as the Atlantico Corporate Steel Mug or the Personalised Double Layer Mugs.

Imagine your logo or branding printed directly on any mug and think of the number of people, daily who will be using this as a way of getting your business noticed!

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