Unique Logo Mugs – Glass vs Metal

Metal and glass mugs provide unique options for those seeking logo branded drinkware that's just a bit different from the norm. Which is best? Check out our break down of each type below.

Benefits of Promotional Glass Mugs

Glass mugs offer a stylish product that visually outshines its competitors. Our glass mugs are made from natural materials whilst maintaining a premium look. These mugs come in all shapes and sizes and are truly eye-catching thanks to its transparent body. These mugs typically feature a silicone wrap to prevent your hands from getting too hot while holding the mug. Glass mugs are modern and sophisticated and will surely get your brand noticed.

Popular examples include 390ml Glass Coffee Cups, Logo Printed Glass Cups, and 390ml Custom Glass Carry mugs.

Benefits of Branded Metal Mugs

Metal mugs are the staple for a portable beverage holder. Metal mugs generally have expert insulation meaning that they keep your beverages hot for longer. Additionally, certain metal mugs come with lids making them great for transport to and from work. Metal mugs provide a sleek design and can feature laser engraving to ensure your logo pops. Take your brand name to the next level with these excellent mugs.

Some products include Custom Stainless Steel Mugs, Engraved Metal Coffee Mug and Falco Stainless Steel Logo Mug.

What Type of Mug Should You Choose?

The choice between these mugs comes down to personal preference and your choice of audience. For a more sustainable approach and an image that promotes creativity and sustainability, choose the glass mugs. For a more corporate finish and everyday feel, select the metal mugs. The mugs differ in look and feel for recipients but still host a fantastic level of promotional branding. No matter which you choose, both mugs will certainly have your brand remembered!

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