Why Use Personalised Porcelain Mugs

When it comes to promotional cups and mugs, ceramic has always been considered a luxurious breed. Under the ceramic category, porcelain (or china/fine china as it has been referred to for decades), is viewed as the classiest. Porcelain, made by exposing clay to high temperatures to achieve the thin yet durable look and the dreamy white colour is loved by individuals who have fine taste and an interest in quality drinkware.

Over time, ceramics have expanded and seen the growth go beyond just porcelain. However, porcelain has also gone on to become more purified, with its white glistening the ultra-thinness, almost translucent. This peerless look is why most people prefer porcelain for high-quality promotional mugs. We offer you a chance to show your loved ones how much you care by getting them a porcelain mug or a branded expresso mug set from our collection.

Before you go and dismiss the idea, think of it. Tea and other beverages tend to be in demand all year round. Come winter, hot cocoa and fruit teas are in demand, during the unforgiving Australian summer heat, ice teas take over. Whatever season, whichever time of the year, mugs are always on demand. Taking advantage of this fact, you can quickly get maximum exposure for your business by ordering personalised mugs to advertise your brand.

Ever think of how your business will get uncapped advertising by ordering and distributing promotional Florence Printed Porcelain Mugs? It doesn’t have to be about printing flowers, animals and nature on cups. Business logos and slogans can now be written or branded to carry on the message.

Since they have been exposed to high temperatures during manufacture, these beautiful china mugs tend to be strong. They can be used in the microwave and placed in the dishwasher. Additionally, they have that perfect finish achieved with the smooth edges and carefully set handle. Our porcelain mugs are not just for decorative purposes. Yes—they can be used in daily practically situations!

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