Why You Should Buy Branded Maxwell Williams Mugs

The Maxwell Williams brand is most probably one of the leaders in the mugs industry. With over 500 retail shops across Australia, it is easy to declare that their mugs have become a national citizen. Famous for their attractive designs, these mugs are a done deal when selecting promotional merchandise perfect for use all year-round.

Why You Should Buy Promotional Maxwell Williams Mugs

  1. Durability—more than the aesthetic beauty, the ability to withstand regular use is a major factor to consider when buying kitchenware. The Maxwell Williams range of mugs is made using a kiln firing process that puts a guarantee on any branding. These mugs can be used in the microwave and dishwasher, safely, without worrying about cracks or labels wearing off.  We test every mug to ensure that when used under normal conditions, it can become a permanent member of your household.

  2. Unique—these mugs come in all shapes, sizes and tint. The Maxwell Williams promotional mugs are beautiful and very easy to work with.

  3. Stoneware—with moulding techniques available globally, it is now easy to find earthenware, porcelain and other materials. Very few brands are sticking with stoneware, and that is where Maxwell and Williams Designer Homewares take the lead.

Customising Your Maxwell Williams Products

All Maxwell Williams’s range of mugs can be decorated using a full-colour process digital print or screen printing. Since we brand these units locally, it is easy for you to communicate your idea and have it brought to life through a unique form of painting on the mug. These authentic mugs can be personalised with the preferred logos, images, and graphics. And because these mugs are durable, they can withstand any form of customisation. Ordering these cups in bulk is a sure way of getting the best price on a product that is trusted and well-loved across the nation.

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