Promotional Bone China Mugs

When you require a refined, premium coffee mug or tea cup, our range of beautiful bone china drinkware produced by Planet Mugs is for you. Each mug is expertly crafted using traditional production techniques and fully customised with your promotional branding. Bone china mugs make perfect executive gifts and are bound to be regularly used by your recipients. Select a style from our range and contact our friendly sales team to receive tailored pricing.

Durable Premium Quality Drinkware

Bone China is recognisable across the world for its strength and strong resistance to chipping, which makes them ideal for corporate campaigns. These mugs are lightweight and comprised of thin phosphate-derived porcelain, they can also be fully branded to showcase your corporate logo or personal design.

Logo Printing Options

The branding methods we use in imprinting your logo into these mugs are:

All these methods are very effective in producing vibrant-looking mugs.

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More About Our Bone China Mugs

How To Recognise Bone China

Bone china is a highlight sort after material because of how labour intensive the refinement and production process is, as well as how subtle and premium the end result. But how can you be sure you have an authentic bone china product?

  • Hold the customised bone china mug up to the light and place your hand behind it. Due to the materials used in the production of bone china and the thinness of the end product, you should be able to see your fingers through it.
  • Another way to test for true bone china is to flick the mug's edge with your finger tips. If the mug is genuine bone china you should hear a clear "ring" sound.

Premium Product at a Budget Price

While bone china has a well-earned reputation for being a premium product, due to the complexity of the production and firing process, here at Planet Mugs we are proud to offer products made of quality material without the huge price tag. We are able to provide economical bone china options because we produce the items in bulk. This allows for considerable savings in both production and delivery costs which we then pass directly on to you, the consumer.

Stain Resistant and Easy to Clean

One of the great features of bone china is how resistant to staining it is. In the unlikely event that you find yourself with light markings on your mugs from tea or coffee, try soaking the drinkware in warm water before your usual washing. Bone china can be both hand and machine washed up to temperatures of 65 degrees Celsius with standard dishwashing liquids. Your stains should disappear with ease!