Metal Promotional Mugs

We deliver metal mugs and cups all around Australia, expertly personalised with your branding, which we then deliver directly to your door. These metal cups are stocked in Australia, and our technicians are ready and on standby to personalise them with your specific branding.

Branding Techniques

You have the option of having your branding customised using:

Events Perfect with Metal Mugs

Metal mugs are a versatile promotional item. Use them at events like tradeshows and expos. They are also great office gifts, staff gifts, or holiday gifts. A mug can suit many different situations in Australia. Buy your mugs from us today in bulk and save.

More About Our Metal Mugs

Made from Quality Steel

For mug and cup products, there is simply no stronger product than mugs made from metal. Our product is made from top quality stainless steel.

Attractive Surface Finish

All our metal mugs are finished to create a specific desired look. This may include a finishing result that is:

  • Brushed to create a matt finish (no reflection)
  • A polished metal finish, to create a shiny effect where you can literally see your reflection
  • Colour and enamel coating, to create a mug that looks visually eye-catching and appealing.

Strong & Durable

These items can easily be dropped onto hard surfaces with little to no damage to the product. If you are after a promotional mug that may have the potential to last a lifetime, then a metal mug is your best choice.

Caring for Your Metal Mug

Mugs are an easy clean product as dirt and stains typically do not get absorbed into the metal and stains which do eventually occur from coffee or tea are simply ones that on the surface. This makes cleaning them a breeze as they are dishwasher safe and stubborn stains can simply be scrubbed off.

For mugs with a shiny polished surface or those which have enamel or painted surfaces, we recommend cleaning with a soft sponge. Course scourers are not recommended as they can cause damage to the surface of the cup or mug which leads to unsightly scratch marks.

Metal Gift Mugs Filled with Confectionery

We have a full range of confectionery that can be delivered with our range of promotional metal mugs. These are a great idea especially around Christmas, or as point of sale gifts. Some of the confectionery that we can supply with our range of mugs include: M&M’s | Jelly Beans | Skittles | Lollypops | Mars bars. Ask us for more information.