Porcelain Promotional Mugs

Buy porcelain mugs custom branded with your unique design. These mugs are ideal for coffee lovers. We supply a wide range of beautifully crafted mugs expertly emblazoned with your corporate graphics and branding. Whether you need a large, small, or regular porcelain cup, we can help you find the right size for your event, business, or organization.

Custom Branded Porcelain Mugs

We personalise porcelain mugs right here in Australia using our state-of-the-art branding facility, complete with a Kiln Oven that we use within the branding process. The first step in personalising your mugs is to screen print your image, then expose the mug to extreme temperatures so that it will look beautiful and durable against everyday bumps. They also become dishwasher-safe this way.

More About Our Porcelain Mugs

What Are Porcelain Mugs?

The best material for mugs during weddings or holiday parties is porcelain. These mugs are small and delicate so they are better to use while you’re sitting down rather than running around on busy mornings. White kaolin clay is commonly used to make porcelain mugs and they are fired at a high temperature, making them more hard and durable. However, porcelain mugs are lighter and thinner than ceramic mugs.

Fast Delivery in Australia

All our porcelain mugs are stocked right here in Australia in our warehouse and are ready to be personalised with your custom branding. This means that we are able to deliver mugs quickly for events around Australia. The general turnaround time is 2 weeks, but faster deliveries are generally possible upon request. We only sell in bulk.

Premium Option for Corporate Businesses

A porcelain mug is the most luxurious style of mug. If you need drinkware that looks and feels like a high-quality expensive product, then porcelain mugs are the product for you. Perfect for tea, coffee and everyday use.

Porcelain Mugs – What is it?

Porcelain is a premium material that is primarily made from Kaolin. Other raw substances that may be found within porcelain include glass, bone ash, and quartz as well as other types of raw materials. Porcelain requires a tremendous amount of skill (more so than regular ceramics) to shape them into products such as mugs.

Porcelain Mug Features

  • Exceptionally light weight
  • Strong and durable (compared to other ceramics)
  • Has a deep, complex, and cream-like colour
  • Porcelain is easy to clean due to its natural resistance to dirt and staining compared to other ceramics