Promotional Travel Mugs

Buy travel mugs custom branded with your company logo. All of our mugs are perfect for branding and promotional items. Drinks stay hot or cold for hours in our double-walled stainless steel travel mugs. Perfect for when you're traveling for work, hiking, or camping, to make your trip more enjoyable.

Custom Branding

The branding methods we use in imprinting your logo into these travel mugs are:

All these methods are very effective in producing vibrant-looking thermal cups.

Proven to be Useful

Travel mugs guarantee enhanced heat retention. One of the greatest benefits of thermal mugs is that they keep your precious coffee piping hot for hours. Additionally, using a travel mug saves you money in the long run. You don’t always have to rely on takeaway coffee since you can brew it at home and carry it with you. These types of mugs are also durable and budget-friendly.

Quick Delivery Within Australia

The turnaround time for your order is two (2) weeks and this already includes the delivery time. We can comply with this delivery time because our travel mugs are already stored in Australia, ready to be customised with your unique logo or graphic.

More About Our Travel Mugs

Easy to Clean & Dishwasher Safe

All our mugs feature a smooth inner and outer surface to enable easy clean. General cleaning will only require a quick rinse. For stubborn stains we recommend wiping with a half mixture of bicarbonate soda and half mixture of water. Most of our mugs are dishwasher safe. If in doubt please ask a friendly team member.

Insulation to Keep Coffee & Tea Hot

All our travel mugs within this category features characteristics which make them perfect at insulating temperature. In other words your cup of Coffee, Tea or Hot Beverage will be kept at higher temperatures for longer.

Vacuum Insulation

These mugs are able to insulate to maintain beverage temperatures by an efficient Vacuum insulation. This insulation which is an empty vacuum space between the outer and inner wall of the cup or mug enables temperature variations outside of the mug to not affect the contents of the mug.

Flip Top Lids and Screw Top (mason) Lids

We have cups and mugs that feature either a Flip Top Lid or a Screw Top Lid. A flip top lid enables easy quick access. A flip top lid will protect the user from most spills, however it is not recommended to carry flip top lids in bags where the lid does run the risk of popping off.

A screw top lid on the other hand provides you with the assurance that your favourite beverage will not spill when carried in a bag. The trade off with a screw top lid is that you cannot access your drink as quickly.