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Branding Ceramic Mugs Using Silver and Gold

Many clients request the use of metallic colours (such as gold and silver) on their ceramic mugs to try and achieve a refined look. However, for ceramic mugs, we do not recommend branding with a metallic print colour because the metallic element of the paint renders these mugs neither microwave nor dishwasher safe. This technique is also rather expensive, so when combining the limited functionality with the cost, most clients prefer not to brand using a metallic silver or gold colour.

So what other options are there for those seeking a luxurious finish on their branded mugs?

Ceramic Mugs Branded With Gold and Silver

Gold and Silver Logo Printing Alternatives

As an alternative substitute, we do offer PMS gold and silver colours that can be printed using low fire ceramic ink. The finish is not metallic, but it does provide a nice, clean look in colours such as gold/silver/bronze. The other important difference with this print option is that it does not contain metallic elements so the mugs will remain dishwasher and microwave safe. If the health and safety of your recipients are paramount, but you don't want to compromise on style non-metallic PMS printing is the style we'd recommend for ceramic mugs. Below is an example of one such logo print;

Non-Metallic Gold Branding Option for Mugs

Still not sure how to achieve the look you desire on your promotional ceramic mugs? Our sales team can assist with further details and suggestions for a luxurious finish mug that won't break the bank.