What is a Ceramic Mug?

Ceramic mugs are drinkware made from fired (permanently hardened) clay material, generally finished with a glaze of colour and custom decoration or branding. Here at Planet Mugs, we supply quality kiln-fired ceramic mugs featuring your unique logo decoration or personalised design.

Ceramic Mugs are Popular Promotional Products

Ceramic mugs are the most common form of promotional mug you'll find in kitchens across Australia. Hard-wearing, durable, and available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours, basic ceramic mugs are the smart way to get your brand into more homes and businesses across Australia. Enjoy a successful marketing campaign when you integrate ceramic mugs into your gifting and distribution program. Why ceramic mugs in particular? There's a slew of fantastic advantages of using ceramic mugs including;

  • Promotional ceramic mugs are cost effective -- they're the cheapest standard mug we offer making them ideal for small-scale campaigns as well as large campaigns with a budget.

  • Ceramic mugs come personalised in bulk -- Planet Mugs will individually brand your order with a logo, slogan, or artwork to suit your requirements which ensures the mugs are unique.

  • Custom ceramic mugs are sturdy -- Because of the kiln firing process or mugs work hard and don't break easily, making them ideal promotional gifts.

  • Branded ceramic mugs come in a huge variety of styles -- More so than any other mug, ceramic mugs are available in a slew of colours/shapes/sizes which means there's always going to be one to suit your needs.

Taking Care of Branded Ceramic Mugs

Our range of personalised ceramic mugs is also very easy to care for. Because the exterior of the mugs is a glazed ceramic material, you simply need to wipe them down after use with a damp cloth or sponge. If you notice any staining due to prolonged use with tea or coffee, we recommend popping a little baking soda into the mugs -- you'll be amazed at how quickly markings can be removed using this simple technique.

If kiln fired these custom mugs, they can be machine washed without damaging your custom printing, but be aware that dishwashers can damage pad-printed logos. If you're unsure about whether the mugs you like a dishwasher friendly, simply ask our sales team to confirm this for you.

Other Branded Ceramic Mug Uses

There's no such thing as too many ceramic mugs in your home or office! If you have enough for your tea and coffee needs, spares can be used to hold pencils, pens, toothbrushes and spare change. They make useful scoops for soft materials, and you can repurpose them easily into planters or candle holders.