What are Eco Coffee Cups?

Who doesn't like fresh barista coffee? The trouble is, those takeaway cups are not great for the environment. While the paper body of the cup is biodegradable, the plastic lid can last for years in landfills.

Custom Mugs That Are Good For The Environment

That's where the reusable eco-cup comes in. Made in the same sizes as standard takeaway coffee cups, you simply hand your ecologically friendly 'keep cup' to your barista when ordering your coffee and voila, no more disposable cups!

With their spill-proof lids and heat-resistant sides, one eco-friendly coffee cup can last for hundreds of uses. That's a lot less plastic going into the landfill! Our branded eco cups keep your logo visible for as long as the cups are in use. Basic cups come in regular and large, and we also have the eco-travel mug for coffee lovers on the go.