Kiln Fired Promotional Mugs

What exactly does kiln firing a promotional mug mean? Well in summary it is basically a print process where your logo is baked within a kiln at high temperatures. The reason we do this is to ensure that your logo and print on the mug is literally baked onto the surface of the mug which will make the branding more durable. Without kiln firing a logo will typically scratch off easily or fade quickly when used in microwaves or dishwashers.

Most of our mugs utilise kiln firing simply because it is the best method for branding. Simply directly printing onto the surface is possible of course with no kiln firing and it is also a product we offer to you. It is much cheaper but the draw back is that you would not have the durability that firing a mug will offer you.

The Branding Process Using a Kiln on a Mug

There are several ways to brand your mug. The first method is where we directly print your logo onto the mug. Then afterwards the print is kiln fired in temperatures between 300-800 degrees celcius. This branding method will be the same for both porcelain and cerrmaic mugs. Travel mugs on the other hand which are made from metal, plastics or a combination of both do not use the kiln firing process. Kiln firing applies to clay based products only.

For multiple colour prints (excluding full colour photos or images with gradients) it is not possible to print directly as a method called a transfer print is required. The reason why it cannot be printed directly like the method above is that when the mug is printed and the second colour is applied the initial first colour is so delicate that it will literally come off with the slightest touch. Therefore we screen print it onto a transfer sheet which is then hand applied to the mug. (like a bit sticker if you like) and then the mug is fired to ensure the branding stays.

Types of Kilns Used

There are generally two types of kilns used. These essentially are gigantic ovens. There are gas kilns and electric kilns. For commercial purposes such as ourselves electric ones are the most popular.