What are Promotional Metal Mugs?

Promotional metal mugs fall into two main categories -- mugs made entirely of brush-finished stainless steel, and mugs made of enamelled metal. We can engrave your logo onto either type, while some models also have pad printing or screen printing options. Metal mugs are popular options for corporate and school graduation gifts as they have a refined look and will last a long time.

Who Buys Logo Branded Metal Cups?

Custom branded metal cups are a popular choice for promotional gifts distributed by schools, businesses, community organisations, and government bodies. Metal mugs are often selected when gifting because they are a premium product that looks luxurious when branded using a laser engraving technique. Metal mugs can also come in a variety of styles and colours meaning there's bound to be one to suit your purpose.

Keeping Metal Promotional Mugs Clean

Because of their sturdy construction, metal mugs are useful in environments that might prove damaging to ceramic mugs, such as travel and outdoor eating situations. Between their durability and versatility, you can expect a lot of people to see the brand you've put on these mugs. Metal mugs can usually be wiped clean, and you can remove stains by filling the mugs with warm water, mixing in two teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda and leaving it to soak.

We do not recommend cleaning metal mugs in a dishwasher, opt for hand-washing in hot water instead to ensure the cups are nice and clean.