What is Your Minimum Mug Order Quantity?

For standard ceramic mugs our minimum order quantity is usually 36 units -- because mugs are packaged in different quantities to many standard products, you'll find the price bracket quantities refer to numbers divisible by twelve. However, different types of cups are manufactured and shipped in different quantities, and not all mugs will be available from 36 units only. Double check the minimum order quantity listed beside the product you like, or contact the sales team to confirm the lowest number of mugs you can order.

While it is not usually possible to fulfil an order lower than the advised minimum order for any product, our team can always recommend similar products to you with minimums that may suit your needs instead.

Common Minimum Order Quantities

  • 36 units
  • 72 units
  • 96 units
  • 100 units

The lowest quantity listed on a product page is considered the minimum order quantity for this mug style.

Why Do You Have Minimum Quantities Anyway?

Our minimum quantities are the smallest number of mugs you can order while still enjoying a bulk order price break for the product and its customisation. Numbers below this minimum are not cost effective for bulk orders, so we do not offer them. It is our goal to provide an assortment of mugs available for custom branding at an affordable cost for a minimum quantity order.

What If I Want Less Than The Minimum?

If you are after a particular style and you'd like less than the minimum quantity, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly sales staff as we are happy to recommend similar products that meet your requirements.