How Long Does it Take to Produce Custom Mugs?

The team at Planet Mugs aims to make your purchasing experience as simple and easy as possible. One way in which we do this is to have a standard production time of two weeks from when you approve your artwork proof and pay your invoice in full. This way you always know approximately when the production of your mugs will be completed and dispatched to your location.

What About Express Mug Options?

We do have a limited range of mugs available for a three day production time if you are working with an urgent timeframe. Depending on your location in Australia these take approximately 3-5 working days to deliver. For any express mug options, please confirm approximate delivery timeframe with your sales manager.

What About Indent Mug Orders?

An indent mug order is one that is produced entirely to your unique design specifications. These orders are generally for large quantities (thousands of units) and take much longer to produce. The results, however, are spectacular and well worth the wait if you require a mug that is entirely customised to meet your needs. A standard indent production timeframe would be anywhere between 6-12 weeks, depending on the level of customisation. It's important to discuss indent orders at length with your sales representative to ensure you are satisfied with all elements of the production process.

Fast Australian Delivery Options

We will deliver mugs to any location in Australia, covering all states and territories including NSW, ACT, VIC, QLD, SA, NT, WA and TAS. If you have an urgent need mug for your corporate event, just talk to our efficient sales staff, who can get you your mugs with a quicker turnaround time.