What is Pad Printing?

Pad printing is a decoration method used on promotional mugs as well as on a variety of other products. The process, also called tampography, involves printing a two-dimensional design directly onto a three-dimensional surface. Below is an actual pad printing machine in action;

What is the Pad Printing Process on Mugs?

Ever wondered how we pad print your unique design onto mugs? Here's the standard process we use when printing a design;

  • We create a design pad based on your approved artwork design (multiple plates if you have more than one colour).
  • Next, we mix your desired ink colour and fill an ink cup.
  • The ink cup and plate are both inserted directly into the pad printing machine and locked in place.
  • The setup adjustment now takes place as we ensure print position, speed, depth, and height are correct.
  • We then secure your mugs beneath the machine and begin printing your design on each unit.

The shape of the pad printing plates (or pads) allows them to print onto the curved surface of a mug or cup, basically functioning like stamps. Pad printing allows for a single position branding of your design. With some products, we can offer wraparound pad printing (where we print around the entire wrapped surface of the cup). Contact our friendly sales team to find out what options are possible for pad printing on your particular style of mugs.

Why Choose Pad Printing for Mugs?

Pad printing is a popular branding option because it is straightforward and economical. The downside to pad printing is that we can only print solid colours and machine washing can chip or fade the design over time. Longer-lasting (and less economical) printing methods include kiln-fired printing and laser engraving on metal mugs. For some of our products, however, pad printing is the only option available -- plastic cups, for example.