What are Thermal Mugs?

Looking for a fantastic promotional mug that works for both the winter and summer seasons? Look no further than Planet Mugs' extensive range of thermal travel mugs, the best mug option for those looking to lock in the temperature of their drink.

Features of Thermal Promotional Cups?

Thermal and double walled mugs are the perfect way to keep your drinks at the temperature you want, for longer. Both mug styles work on the same principle -- the wall of your mug insulates its contents from the outside. By adding a second wall, we increase the efficiency of this insulation, allowing hot drinks to stay hot longer and cool drinks to stay cold. Since the space between the two walls contains air, they do not function as efficiently as vacuum flasks. But if you need to keep your coffee warm in an air-conditioned office, or your soft-drink cold on a warm day, they make a great option.

Why Use Branded Thermal Mugs?

We recommend thermal mugs if you require cups that we can deliver quickly, or if you have recipients that travel and require a product that keeps their drinks warm or cool on the go. All our travel mugs come with the branding of your logo design, making them a great marketing campaign option regardless of the season. Another great feature of the branding on these mugs is that you can opt for printing or laser engraving on metal surfaces, so if you'd like your promotional travel mugs to have that luxurious premium look, then we'd recommend a nice laser etch of your logo design. Chat with our sales team for more ideas on maximising the use of your bulk branded thermal mugs.