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The Best Promotional Mug for Tradeshows

Promotional Mugs are fantastic when used to promote an event or a brand name.  More than any other product they not only display your logo proudly for the user of the mug to see but they also visible to anyone walking by or chatting to the recipient.  Choose the right colour and have a great logo for all to see!  Make it even better with a short caption or a witty comment.  To use promotional mugs as an advertising tool effectively it would be best to give them out to your client or potential clients.  What better way than to meet your next customer than at a tradeshow. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of distributing them.

Get Light Weight Personalised Mugs

An obvious but normally overlooked aspect when procuring mugs for your event or for your company.  A single cerramic mug does not weight a lot.  Two mugs also do not weight a lot.  However once you start getting over half a dozen mugs the weight becomes noticable.  In fact once you get into a carton of 36 mugs then the weight is definitely HEAVY.  So if you are at a tradeshow you would want to carry as less as possible during times before the show, after the show and during the show.  Heavy lifting is not simply uncomfortable but can get a little dangerous and will make you sweaty in front of your potential customer.  We therefore recommend:

Lightweight Branded Porcelain Mugs
Lightweight Printed Travel Cups

You and your team have a lot to worry about in a normal tradeshow environment.  Heavy boxes should be the last thing on your ming.

Promotional Mugs That Do Not Shatter

The strongest porcelain and cerramic mugs do shatter.  On carpet the probability is low but on harder surfaces the handles and the lip area are very prone to breakages when dropped.  In a busy environment where accidents happen we would recommend steel travel mugs or better still the current hit product of the moment reusable Keep Cup Coffee cups which are made from plastic.  Metal ones are durable but they do make a lot of sound when dropped.  We recommend plastic ones.

Use Your Branded Mug as part of your Decor

Mugs can be colourful.  If you choose bright colours like reds, greens, yellows and oranges and put them on display they will definitely add to the ambience and feel of your tradeshow.  So if you have mugs then show them off.  Not only do they look great but they will attract all the right attention.  Why dont you build a little mug tower on a desk within your staffing area (to avoid passerby accidents) or have a few of them simply placed in and around your corporate space area.  Another nifty idea is to fill them with your business cards and pens for a neater overall look.  Just remember to keep the paper cardboard cartons they came in out of site.

For more ideas on how you can use a promotional mug for your tradeshow why dont you ask one of our friendly team members for ideas or hints?  We would be glad to assist.