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What is a Promotional Bone China Mug?

In the ceramic family, there are quite a number of categories. Each as important, if not better than the last creation. Some of the popular categories include stoneware, pottery, earthenware as well as bone china. Presently, bone china mugs are part of the most sought after collectables. Although still manufactured in bulk and available for daily use, bone china can be beautiful and fragile, befitting use as a decorative piece. Bone china creations are readily available in an array of versatile, befitting designs that are ready for consumer selection.

 What is a Promotional Bone China Mug

Customised Bone China Mugs are Durable

Since bone china mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe, they are an excellent for hosting and home use. They can actually be used in bulk and stocked on top of each other to be washed or used at a later date, without the fear of breaking. This feature makes the bone mug wonderfully practical and a joy to have in the home.

What are Branded Bone China Mugs Made From?

In the market, there is a wide selection to pick and choose from. There are contemporary and classic bone china designs that come with every imaginable design from wavy patterns to abstract art. Made out of a soft combination of kaolin (25%), bone ash, (50%) and feldspathic material (25%), bone china is a soft-paste kind of porcelain. Given that is contains calculated calcium phosphate as well as a significant percentage of animal bone in the form of phosphate, bone china is one of the strongest porcelains ever invented. Similar to stoneware, bone china is made up of different mineral items. Hence it tends to be vitrified as a result of these highly different mineral properties. Bone china is produced in the same likeness as porcelain. One of the unique qualities behind bone china mugs is the fact that bone ash is actually taken from cattle bones that are vetoed for the lowest quantities of iron. Prior to undergoing de-gelatinisation, the cattle bones are crushed and then calcined at temperatures of up to 1250°C. Such high temperatures burn everything and result in bone ash.

Bone China Cups are Popular Across the World

For the strong properties, bone china undergoes a series of crystallisations that eventually produce higher melting and boiling temperatures, thus making bone china mugs microwave and dishwasher friendly. For the first 200 years of existence, bone china knew and referred to the UK as the hub for production. However, production has since skipped borders and beyond, now being manufactured in several Asian countries including Japan, Thailand, Bangladesh, and China.

Although there are few to no bone china factories across Europe, Africa, and the Americas, the bone china mug is a famous breakfast companion in most households in the regions. One unique feature about bone china is their size. Most bone china mugs come in big sizes and make the best companions for a ‘cuppa.’ Delicate bone china is an excellent companion for high tea garden functions to everyday home use and quick fix for a ‘cuppa-soup.’ This makes this mug an excellent and thoughtful timeless gift that can be used for more than one purpose. Therefore, a bone china mug is a safe choice all the time.