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What is a Promotional Porcelain Mug?

Oh, the beauty to behold when purchasing ceramic mugs! The choice then depends on what exactly you want in a mug. Ceramic mugs are versatile, and there’s a wide range to select from. Out of the entire range, porcelain mugs take the lead when it comes to aesthetic beauty and versatility. A porcelain mug is part of the ceramic family and the mug of choice when looking for a waif of elegance in a mug. The main question at this point is; ‘what exactly is a mug and what its main use is?’ A mug is a type of cup used for drinking warm to hot beverages. They can be made out of just about any material from clay to metal and anything in-between (that can be moulded and shaped). With a porcelain mug, buyers are looking for quality as well as beauty.

What is a Promotional Porcelain Mug

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Made from pure clay, Kaolin clay to be precise, porcelain mugs undergo high temperatures of up to 2, 600° F. Due to such conditions, the porcelain mug comes out of the furnace with crisp thin-walls. The high temperatures also contribute to the snow white property of porcelain ceramic. In most cases, people refer to the porcelain mug as “fine china,” or ‘china.” Originally processed and manufactured in China, this fragile mug has been exported to the rest of the world and duplicated for over two centuries.

The History of Custom Porcelain Cups

For a long time, the porcelain mug was viewed as a dainty, beautiful and rare piece to be treasured and valued by rich Europeans. The scarcity of porcelain mugs made them be highly price compared to other ceramics. Even in shops, porcelain mugs are still highly-priced and come as a full set. Presently, the porcelain mug can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life as it is found in several establishments from high-end restaurants to exotic hotels. Thinking of what to gift a valuable person? The porcelain mug is one of the excellent selections to indicate treasure and beauty. The different designs facilitate anyone interested in a porcelain mug to get a classic or contemporary aesthetic look.

Porcelain Cups are Lightweight and Popular

When held up against good lighting, a porcelain mug can be translucent enough to see through. The white colour is velvety white with a soft finish. The clay sides tend to be paper thin, smooth with a lustre shine. In the ceramic family, porcelain mugs are relatively lightweight and fragile. Whenever a mug is labelled as “china”, it means that it is a fine piece of art that is generously priced and can be used as a gift for any auspicious occasion. Additionally, the delicate porcelain mug is usually accompanied by an equally beautiful designer teapot or other pretty ‘ware’ for hot beverages.

The porcelain mug should not be mistaken for other clay products that are in the ceramic family. People seem to have differing thoughts when it comes to porcelain mugs and ownership. However, one thing is certain; in the ceramic family, porcelain mugs are the beauties, meant for decoration and aesthetic beauty.