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What is a Promotional Stoneware Mug?

Alongside earthenware and pottery, the stoneware mug is one of ceramic mugs’ most popular categories. Although stoneware is fully vitrified, it is also translucent as a result of the different mineral properties in its chemical composition. With stoneware mugs, whatever the season, whatever the reason, when using them, the feel is always right. Stoneware mugs can be used to hold just about any beverage. These beauties are fired at relatively high temperatures thus giving them a rugged, strong finish.Stoneware mugs are nonporous even in the absence of glaze. Manufactured as an improvement of earthenware, stoneware mugs are the predecessors of porcelain.

 What is a Promotional Stoneware Mug

Differences Between Customised Stoneware Items

When differentiating the different types of stoneware, the best way to tell them apart is through reading the label to check for the composition of the following;

  • Cane ware

  • American stoneware

  • Böttger ware

  • Quarts ware

  • Feldspar stoneware

  • Crouch ware

  • Flint stoneware

There are a whole lot more of stoneware, and most are not included in the list. Each of the stone types listed above contains a specific mineral concentration in the clay. The combinations of mineral concentration are what results in the stoneware mug’s ultimate colour, strength, as well as texture.

Manufacturing Branded Stoneware

Made out of gritty and sandy clay, stoneware mugs may contain lead and cadmium. This is the most wearisome feature attached to stoneware mugs. However, the best stoneware mugs are those without decorative glaze as they are free from lead and cadmium contamination. Otherwise, the stoneware mugs can be used as excellent beverage containers for both hot and cold drinks.

Due to manufacture under high temperatures and other properties, stoneware mugs are the first choice when it comes to daily household usage. Unlike porcelain mugs, stoneware mugs just don’t rely on their beauty to ‘sale.’ These mugs have pretty strong physical properties that render them more attractive and useful than the pieces in other ceramic categories.

Branded Stoneware Cups Perfect for Daily Use

In general, stoneware is usually the first choice when it comes to strong, daily usage. For decorative purposes, stoneware is glazed over its natural light to dark grey or brown colours. Every stoneware mug presents the typical ‘pottery’ image, especially given that they are all handmade. Stoneware mugs come in an opaque and nonporous finish that corresponds to almost every use within the home and office.

As strong as stoneware can be, it is also the weakest member of the ceramic family. There are some highly sensitive stoneware mugs that do not thrive under relatively high temperatures. For this reason, when purchasing a stoneware mug, it is important to ask the seller whether or not the mug is microwave and dishwasher friendly. Most retailers include this information beneath each mug, so just turn it up-side-down and check for such details. Stoneware is can easily get damaged, and this shows through the existence of cracks, scratches, and even chips. Hence, it is important to keep on checking that stoneware mugs don’t have any blemish as this might lead to liquid gushing out or the entire mug collapsing.