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3 Reasons Why Personalised Mugs Make the Perfect Gift

Monday, 12 August 2019 2:18:00 PM Australia/Sydney

Gift-giving can be a difficult time, especially in the winter period. Personal presents go a long way and express to people that you remember and care. A simple gift like a ceramic coffee mug can go a long way. Here are the reasons why you should consider gifting your friends, co-workers, family and loved one’s personalised mugs this season.

Personalised Mugs Make Great Gifts

A Best Friend at Work

Those Monday winter mornings are troublesome for the best of us. So, instead of scuffling with the work kitchen looking for a spare mug get your friends and family a personalised mug. Can you think of a better companion at work?

Reflect Personality Through a Mug

People love presents that reflect their personality. A gifted mug is a simple way to reflect on a personal connection and bolster someone’s mood. They similarly act as great conversation starters for people to get to know you and allow you to remember the good times you have had.

Help Others Wake Up Right

For many of us, coffee or tea routines are fundamental to get out of o...

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Posted in News By Jakub

Why Are Mugs and Cups Round or Cylindrical?

Friday, 22 March 2013 11:27:20 AM Australia/Sydney

Drinking a steaming hot of coffee is probably a morning ritual for most Australians. In all likelihood, you might have wondered at least once in your lifetime, why coffee mugs are round or to be more precise, cylindrical in shape.

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Posted in News By gillian gu

Beat the Winter Blues with Branded Mugs and Cups

Wednesday, 23 January 2013 11:31:59 AM Australia/Sydney

The end of the holiday season is always a sad affair and most people are not keen on getting back to reality. How about giving them something to smile about and look forward to in the mornings with these branded mugs and cups. Without a doubt, these personalised mugs will not only warm bellies but also lift moods.

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Posted in News By gillian gu