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Promotional Mugs for Spring

Saturday, 4 September 2021 2:22:23 PM Australia/Sydney

Spring is a great time to sit down with a warm beverage. Take this opportunity to decorate some mugs to build your brand image. Here are our favourite promotional mugs for Spring.

Tilba Logo Decorated Ceramic Mugs

This premium Tilba logo decorated ceramic mug is ideal for Spring. It features a sleeky white polish with a unique reusable and sustainable bamboo lid. This is a functional product that can easily elevate your brand’s image. It has a capacity of 370ml and comes in an eco-friendly box. Get this item decorated with your brand to get ahead of the marketing curve this Spring!

Promotional Stainless Steel Vacuum Mug 350ml

If you are looking for a premium promotional mug, look no further than this stainless-steel vacuum mug. This elite cup has a capacity of 350ml and comes with an insulated lid. This makes it perfect for travel or anyone on the go. You can take your beverage from home and know that it will retain its temperature throughout the day. Get this product laser engraved with y...

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Top Glass and Metal Custom Mugs

Friday, 6 August 2021 3:20:10 PM Australia/Sydney

Mugs are fantastic ways of promoting your brand. They serve as excellent giveaway products for clients, staff, friends, or family as they are useful and elegant. Here are our top glass and metal custom mugs.

Printed Stainless Steel Tumblers

These premium printed stainless-steel tumblers are everyone’s dream drinkware. They are great for morning coffees, smoothies, and even secret ice cream shakes. The tumblers are made from high-quality double-walled metal to regulate the temperature of your beverages. It can easily hold around 350ml of liquid. The cups are also BPA free and can be laser engraved to showcase your brand. Get this tumbler emblazoned with your brand today!

Large Logo Branded Glass Mugs

For a clean and simple look, check out these large logo branded glass mugs. These eco-friendly cups are perfect for office or at home use. They hold 420ml of liquid and are made from Borosilicate glass making them durable and sturdy. They also feature a screw-on wooden lid as well as an attacha...

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Caring for Personalised Mugs

Friday, 2 July 2021 11:31:26 AM Australia/Sydney

Personalised mugs are premium products that require careful care. Treat your mugs with the same care that you would treat your brand. Here are some guidelines for caring for personalised mugs.

Hand Washing

It is important that you hand wash your personalised mugs. Certain methods of decoration will become damaged after dishwasher use. For your brand to continue to look its best make sure that you only hand wash your personalised mugs.

Best personalised mugs: Dual Coloured Black Outer Mugs and Catton Slim 280ml Personalised Mugs

Gentle Cloth Cleaning

After hand washing your cup, make sure you use a gentle cloth for cleaning. Using a hard scrub cloth or brush may damage the decoration of your brand or logo. Consider cleaning as polishing rather than scrubbing to ensure your brand looks its best.

Top-quality products: Belle Printed Mugs and Bilgola Custom Porcelain Mugs

Avoid Soaking Mugs

Certain types of mug material may be damaged after long hours of soaking. This can damage its build as well a...

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Custom Travel Cup Top Picks

Thursday, 10 June 2021 10:58:44 AM Australia/Sydney

Travel cups a great for a companion on any expedition. Not only are they useful but mugs are also excellent ways to promote your brand. Here are our best-selling custom travel cups.

promo rice husk cups

500ml Fold Up Silicone Mugs

Get yourself a travel cup that is innovative. This 500ml fold up silicon mug offers the latest functionality and ease of use. This high-grade silicone cup changes its shape to help you store it and travel easily. This means that when the cup is empty, you can fold it up to save space in your bag! It comes in a variety of colours so make sure you pick one that will help your brand pop. Moreover, people will always ask you about your cool cup and will remember your brand for many years.

Stainless Steel Vacuum Mug 350ml

During winter, travelling with a vacuum sealed mug is critical. This stainless-steel vacuum mug 350ml will regulate the temperature of your drinks on your journey. It even features an insulated wallet and airtight lid to prevent spills. This premium tumbler can hold your...

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