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What is Laser Engraving?

Laser engraving is a process by which a design is etched directly into the surface of an object with a powerful laser. These lasers are computer controlled, allowing for extreme precision as they cut into a product's surface to reveal the material beneath the surface. Laser engraving in the case of mugs is only suitable on metallic mugs, but because it is a very long-lasting and durable method of logo decoration we recommend this option on metal promotional cups for the best, most luxurious results.

Laser Engraving on Metal Mugs

Laser Engraving on Custom Metal Mugs

Laser engraving is a great idea for permanently decorating your customised metal mugs. Steel mugs are durable, and laser engraving is a technique capable of standing the rest of time. This makes laser engraving on metal mugs a popular choice because it means you'll be enjoying maximum exposure when we brand your logo using this technique. Please keep in mind, however, that there are some limitations to laser engraving. These include;

  • Small branding area
  • Laser engraving can only expose the underlayer of a metal surface, limiting the colour to whatever is underneath
  • We recommend hand-washing laser engraved metal mugs only instead of using a dishwasher

The benefits to ordering custom metal mugs with your laser engraving are also worth noting. These include;

  • A luxurious  finish gives the mugs a premium look
  • Laser engraving is precise and allows for very intricate details to be replicated clearly
  • When well cared for, laser engraving will last considerably longer than pad printing on metal mugs

Keen to learn more? Contact our sales team for more details on ordering metal mugs with your logo engraving.