Promotional Mug Samples

Free Virtual Samples of Customised Mugs

Sometimes it helps to see how your logo will look on a mug before you go ahead with a full product order. We're happy to accommodate your needs by providing FREE virtual artwork mock ups to give you an idea of how your logo will appear once branded onto the mug. We highly recommend you take advantage of our great mock-up service as we can provide up to 2 free mock-ups per person and each gives you a solid idea of how your mug will look. Take the guess work out of your promotional mug. Our mockups will provide you with a great visual example of how good your logo can potentially look when branded on our range of mugs, bottles and drinkware. Use the mock-ups for:

  • Presentations with stakeholders
  • Design concepts or logo selection

Unbranded Physical Mug Sample

Our high-quality mugs look and feel fantastic in person; that's why sometimes it can be better to have a real sample in hand to show to your stakeholders or to pass around amongst your team. Having an unbranded sample can also give you perspective on the size of the unit and where you custom branding will be positioned. For an unprinted (blank) physical sample email or call our friendly sales team. We provide your first blank mug sample free of charge; we simply ask that you cover freight to your location. We charge subsequent mug sample requests at a discounted price. In most instances, we can refund the cost of the samples against the expense of a full customised mug order.

Physical Pre-Production Mug Sample

When you are purchasing a bulk of 2000+ promotional mug units we highly recommend you invest in a pre-production sample of your product. We do not normally provide pre-production samples to small run clients, but it is something we can do for larger clients upon request. Pre-production samples have an additional cost, which your sales contact will advise you on when placing a pre-production sample order.

Unbranded Sample Mugs vs. Pre-Production Sample Mugs

A pre-production sample mug comes customised with your unique promotional design. It will be an exact representation of how your full run of mugs will look. An unbranded mug sample does not have any custom printing so it will only give you an approximation of the general size and look of the mugs, rather than of your exact design on the mugs. Let our friendly sales team know which of these options interests you and they will be happy to provide pricing and further information.